I was so nervous and worried about glaucoma and other problems with my eyes. I made an appointment and they were kind enough to consider that my time was limited since I’m living overseas and just came for my daughter’s wedding, I got an appointment for the next day. Dr. Stephen Anesi was not only caring and professional, but made me feel safe and in good hands. He run all kinds of exams just to make sure that his diagnosis was accurate. I am very grateful about his excellence.

Thomas F.

Dr. Foster,

I just want to take this time to THANK YOU for so many reasons.

1. For being skilled and passionate for what you do.
2. For not being timid yet being direct about what truly needed to be done.
3. Having the ability to deliver your thoughts and solutions in such a way that leaves me, the patient at a very calm state, ready to take on whatever you would have recommended.
4. Leaving me with the message of trusting myself and my body as to what it is telling me.
The fact that I wanted this surgery years ago and had to fly all the way to Boston to HAVE confirmation to what I already felt in my heart, means so much.
5. You being so instrumental in taking part of being a Devine Connection to my healing process. My faith never wavered. You played a part in the manifestation of what was meant to be.

MY life has changed significantly. I am able to enjoy simple things in life such as, being outside looking up at the sky and noticing the beautiful clouds. Thank You Sir.

Angela J.

Angela J. – Chicago, IL

Dr. Foster: You’re an amazing doctor who performed miracles allowing my mother to see her grandchildren and the beautiful world around her when most doctors would have given up…for this we remain eternally grateful to you.

Angela N.

Dr. Foster first treated me for uveitis over 30 years ago. He has pulled me from the brink of not being able to see so many times I can’t count them. He has always been there for me -always. He is a cornerstone of my medical team and without him, his incredible knowledge and skill, I would be without a lot or most of my vision. He has given me an amazing gift – my sight and I will be forever grateful by the fact that he is my Doctor. – Chris J.

Chris J.

At 29 years of age I began to experience some partial vision loss in one eye. After seeing many specialists who could not diagnose or help I came to Doctor Foster who left no stone unturned and was eventually able to diagnose me with retinal vasculitis. Through thorough care and treatment, today I am fully in remission and tell people all the time Dr. Foster saved my eyesight. For his brilliance and dedication to what he does I will forever be eternally grateful.

Gina B.

My internist, my eye doc, my dentist all said: there’s nothing wrong for a year. My new dentist said, “you have something unusual, don’t know what it is”. No doctor in ATL, GA could make a firm diagnosis! Dr. Foster quickly diagnosed my rare autoimmune condition that affects all mucous membranes. “Incurable, possibly fatal”, every doctor said. After 3 years under the care of Dr. Foster, I am in remission without drug. He is simply amazing.

Hubert K.

We traveled from Canada for a consultation with Dr. Foster. From our first encounter on the telephone arranging the appointment until we left Dr. Foster’s office…his entire staff was extremely professional, kind, patient, and made us feel so certain that we made the right decision to travel to see him. Dr. Foster himself was wonderful! We have met many professionals along our journey for a diagnosis and treatment plan and have yet to meet someone of Dr. Foster’s notoriety with such decency! He was so knowledgeable and confident without any arrogance and explained everything thoroughly to all of us. He gave us such hope in a situation that has been so frightening when others have been so discouraging. For the first time we truly believe that Dr. Foster will be the one to rid our daughter of her condition! It has been a painful and difficult time for her these past 2 years and we all look forward to Dr. Foster’s plan in helping our daughter lead a life free of her condition. Thanks to Dr. Foster and his wonderful staff so far for giving us hope in such a difficult time…we look forward to a successful relationship!

Jamie D.

This was the best experience I have ever had at a doctors office. Everyone was extremely kind, knowledgeable and patient, which does not always happen at an Eye Office. CONGRATULATIONS!


It gives me so much comfort to know that you and your medical team are working so hard to save Jeff’s vision. I can’t thank you enough for your dedication and attention and excellent treatment shown our son.

Judy & Bob B.

I want to thank you and your staff for the professional and caring treatment I received during my past two appointments. Not knowing what the result of my visits would be, I was very apprehensive, but your staff – from front desk personnel to technicians – made me comfortable.

Judy S.

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