Pathology Lab

 Massachusetts Eye Research and Surgery Institution (MERSI) offers a CLIA certified diagnostic immunopathology laboratory for ocular tissue.

 Our Laboratory Director, C. Stephen Foster, M.D., has engaged in laboratory research for 35 years and has overseen our certified patient diagnostic laboratory since 2011.

Diagnostic Services Available:

1. Routine Histopathology

2. Immunopathology

Instructions for Specimen Submission: Please follow one of these procedures for tissue submission.

Procedure 1 The tissue can be fixed in O.C.T. and sent immediately in sufficient dry ice by overnight mailing. This is the ideal mode of submission and gives the best results.

Procedure 2 Alternatively, Immerse specimen in Michel’s medium. The specimen can then be sent to us via express mail service in the Michel’s medium. We can then embed it in Tissue-Tek O.C.T. compound for cryostat sectioning.

Physicians interested in sending ocular tissue samples for diagnostic analysis should contact Dr. Zhao at 781-891-6377 for details on required patient information and packaging requirements.

If you live in the States of California, Florida, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, please call Scott Evans at 617-620-8033 before submitting specimens.

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