April 30, 2016 By Dr Foster

Dear Dr. Foster and Staff,

My grandmother, whom is 89 years old, a talented artist and has had perfect vision up until a few months ago, visited MERSI today. I referred her to Dr. Foster for a consultation/ second opinion regarding a quick onset of macular degeneration that had her very concerned. She has a lot of spunk for her age and as we all know the threat or reality of vision loss can be almost devastating. Upon completion of her work-up and consult, she and my father, who accompanied her, could not say enough about the fantastic care received. My father has also suffered with serious retina problems in his lifetime and takes eye care very seriously.

I would like to sincerely thank everyone at MERSI for giving the same high standard of care that is given to all MERSI patients; she and my Dad were absolutely raving about how wonderful Dr. Foster and his staff are. They couldn’t say enough about the entire experience; from the waiting room and ambiance to the medical care. A morning at MERSI sure exceeded their expectations!

Again, I thank and commend everyone involved for their hard work, patience, and willingness to provide such excellent patient education.

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