Angela J. – Chicago, IL

April 30, 2016 By Dr Foster

Dr. Foster,

I just want to take this time to THANK YOU for so many reasons.

1. For being skilled and passionate for what you do.
2. For not being timid yet being direct about what truly needed to be done.
3. Having the ability to deliver your thoughts and solutions in such a way that leaves me, the patient at a very calm state, ready to take on whatever you would have recommended.
4. Leaving me with the message of trusting myself and my body as to what it is telling me.
The fact that I wanted this surgery years ago and had to fly all the way to Boston to HAVE confirmation to what I already felt in my heart, means so much.
5. You being so instrumental in taking part of being a Devine Connection to my healing process. My faith never wavered. You played a part in the manifestation of what was meant to be.

MY life has changed significantly. I am able to enjoy simple things in life such as, being outside looking up at the sky and noticing the beautiful clouds. Thank You Sir.

Angela J.

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